Adobe wind turbines

Adobe’s vertical axis wind turbines

Adobe has continued its energy conservation efforts by installing 20 Windspire vertical axis wind turbines manufactured by Mariah at the Adobe Headquarters in San Jose. Over the years Adobe’s efforts have reduced water use, electricity and natural gas which earned it the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest accolade for green practices.

The Windspire turbines stand 30 feet tall and are only 4 feet wide so they take up very little space and can be mounted close to each other unlike conventional horizontal turbines which are usually built on heavy bulky concrete bases or have protruding guy wires that need a lot of room to work effectively. The Windspire turbines weigh in at 650 pounds and are propeller free and quiet.

Watch a video of the installed turbines here:

Adobe had the Windspire turbines installed on the sixth-floor patio which is a recreational area above the parking garage. This is a perfect location as the turbines are situated between two office buildings creating a wind tunnel of sorts as wind from the Pacific Ocean pushes between them. As noted by the photos of the turbines, they are aesthetically pleasing and almost look like part of the building.

Between 2001 and 2010 Adobe had saved around $6.7 million due to its energy conservation efforts. Adobe estimates that each of the Windspire turbines installed will produce around 2,500 kWh per year. All of the turbines combined will produce enough energy to power 5 average size homes in the US.


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