Clean Green Energy LLC is a renewable energy company based in Michigan that has developed a vertical axis wind turbine, the Winde20. CGE has just received financing to continue this development of the Winde20 VAWT and begin installations in 2013.

CGE intends to use this money to finance Purchase Power Agreements (PPA) for their wind turbine customers. A purchase power agreement allows the customer to avoid the capital costs of installation by signing up to a long-term agreement on fixed-rate energy pricing. PPA’s have been common in the solar industry, but are a relatively new concept in the wind power sector.

CGE winde20The Winde20 vertical axis wind turbine stands 105 ft tall and provides 65 kW of power. Designed for an urban environment, the CGE VAWT is well suited for businesses, schools and government buildings. One interesting aspect of the Winde20 is that the blades can fold up in high wind conditions to reduce damage to the turbine.

The Winde20 is just part of Clean Green Energy’s power solutions. CGE also installs solar PV systems, as well as energy efficient lighting upgrades.

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