This video shows a do-it-yourself Savonius wind turbine in action. The language is Polish, but a quick Google translate gives us some pertinent information.


  • front bicycle wheel hub
  • motor and flywheel from an old VCR
  • cut up paint cans mounted on a plate of wood
  • capacitor and inductor

Power output is 100 mA with high winds and about 30 mA average. Wind was blowing around 5 to 7 m/s or 11 to 16 mph.

An interesting set-up. Pretty quiet rotation and I love that orangey-red color! Most DIY VAWT’s are savonius turbines, which catch the wind and turn. I guess it’s easier to find concave pieces of material like pails, pipes and drums, then to fashion a contoured blade that will generate some lift!


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