For several years now, the skies above Fort Lauderdale, Florida have been decorated with the spinning of a vertical axis wind turbine. Specifically, above the Interstate Asphalt building on SE 17th St.

The Urban Green Energy vertical axis wind turbine is a unique sight to behold in the industrial block of buildings. Installed in May 2011, the 4kW wind turbine was the result of a research project by Tufts University in Boston, MA. When winds are blowing at 20 mph, the wind turbine can power 100 40 Watt light bulbs (i.e. 4000 Watt generating capability).

Interstate Asphalt UGE Wind Turbine

Florida typically is not a prime real estate for wind power due to generally lower wind speeds and flat terrain, but the Urban Green Energy wind turbine can provide power at winds as low as 7 mph.

You can see the wind turbine installation yourself by checking out the Interstae Asphalt building at 1041 SE 17th St in Fort Lauderdale.

Click here for a video of another 4kW UGE turbine installation in Fort Lauderdale.

Interstate Asphalt newspaper clipping




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