Popular comedian and talk show host Jay Leno has introduced vertical axis wind turbines by having them installed on his garage. Leno already has electric cars and solar panels in his efforts to showcase natural and more efficient ways to go green and not be as dependent on electricity, gas and oil.


In 2007 Leno teamed up with Popular Mechanics to have a Delta II turbine from PacWind installed on his “green” garage.

The Delta II turbine produces around 10 kw in 28mph wind and is lightweight so it doesn’t need a lot of wind to get started. Unlike horizontal turbines which may require guy wires or huge bulky concrete bases, vertical axis wind turbines take up so little room that they can be installed within a few feet of each other. A micro-wind farm can be created by installing several vertical axis wind turbines in the same area, thus conserving space as well as energy.

Jay Leno's Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

In 2009 Leno once again installed a vertical axis wind turbine on his garage, this time it was a MagWind Turbine from Enviro-Energies and once it was installed some reports say that Leno has now cut his electric bill by 66%. This turbine levitates by use of magnetic technology.

Leno and other popular figures have been highlighting many different options in efforts to help people become more independent, more environmental friendly and help reduce energy costs.

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