The helical wind turbine in the video is pretty big. It looks like a simple homemade wind turbine on the corner of someone’s house, but if you look closely at around 0:28 s, you will see a man in the lower left corner of the screen. This shows the true scale of the wind turbine, which is more than twice as tall as the man.

Helical wind turbines are the prettiest looking of VAWT family (in my opinion!) because when moving they look like a continuous screw turning. Pretty cool!

Some details from the comment section of the video:

  • wind turbine generates 400 W at 5m/s wind speed (speed in video).
  • blades are made from¬†galvanized/Aluzinc steel sheets, hand bent to shape.
  • the turbine survived wind speeds in excess of 120 km/hr
Check out the video below:

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