In the news today, Urban Green Energy has partnered with Pfister Energy, a provider of renewable energy solutions. As a distributor and renewable energy integrator, Pfister will now have access to Urban Green Energy’s line of small vertical axis wind turbines.

Pfister Energy

The small VAWTs designed by UGE fit nicely in Pfister’s line-up of energy products, as their strength is in “stackable solutions” that combine wind with other renewable energy sources such as solar.

“These smaller wind turbines represent a bright spot in the renewable energy sector, opening wind up to a whole new range of customers,” said Wayne Pfisterer president of Pfister Energy. “This partnership adds a new dimension to our business and enhances the energy solutions we offer our customers.”

Pfister is based in Hawthorne, NJ and will be working with UGE in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Florida and Maryland.

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