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Arborwind VAWT

Arborwind, LLC is a startup green energy company founded in 2010, specializing in manufacturing and installing small vertical axis wind turbines. Led and founded by Dilip K. Nigam, CEO and CTO, Arborwind’s main market goal is to provide energy to rural areas in an economical and efficient manner.

Their target market is large farm operations, such as irrigation of 500+ acres, dairies with 200+ head and green houses with 5000+ square feet under roof. Since dairy farms, irrigation pumps, green houses and manufacturing companies all require various amount of energy, it is essential that energy gets transmitted to them in an effective manner. This is why since Arborwind’s founding, they have also teamed up with Johnston System, Inc., a steel company specializing in the agricultural industry, in providing energy in remote areas.

The main product of Arborwind is a patented small vertical axis wind turbine, called the PT150, designed by engineers to be effective in providing the energy needs of rural areas without the usual costly expenses, transmission losses and logistics disadvantages that utility power plants and large wind turbines commonly face.

Arborwind markets that their small vertical axis wind turbines are more effective compared to large wind turbines as they are difficult to transport and install. Due to low quality gravel roads, the requirement of cranes for installation and their high wind requirement, they often end up being very expensive and bound to power losses. The solution of Arborwind is setting up distributed small vertical axis wind turbines, which will guarantee to always be effective in whatever wind direction, and would also have no transmission losses, and have low installation and transportation costs.

Although old technology, the refined and reengineered vertical axis wind turbines are seen to be 20% more effective in energy conversion compared to the usual horizontal axis wind turbines, which is why a big market prospective is seen by the company in the next coming years.

The major project which Arborwind was involved in was their team up with Johnston System, Inc in which they targeted in creating and perfecting 50 to 100KW wind applications. Since Johnston System specializes in the agricultural industry, the team up with Arborwind is seen to be essential in the development of agricultural technology.

Although a startup, Arborwind has already won an award. In 2011, they won the TieQuest Business Plan competition, beating other agriculture related companies inMichigan. Arborwind’s achievements and future technological plans forMichiganwere found promising and truly beneficial for the state, which led to them winning the competition.

Arborwind’s goal of providing cost effective and wide scale energy solutions for industries in remote areas is truly remarkable and beneficial, not only for the agricultural industry, but also for the country. Their research and innovation could lead into the future of agricultural advancement and would greatly contribute in the conservation of the environment. It would not be surprising if they would grow from a small start up to a larger scale company in the next coming years.

Arborwind Turbine Installations:

Arborwind Turbine installed at Johnson System Inc in Marshall, Michigan.

Arborwind Contact Information:

540 Avis Drive, Suite E
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
(734) 761-2626


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