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Cleanfield Energy, a subsidiary of Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc., is a Canadian-based renewable energy company that manufactures and distributes products such as vertical axis wind turbines and solar products.

Note: As of Feb 2013, Cleanfield Energy appears to be in financial difficulty.

As many companies and individuals around the world are attempting to go green in efforts to conserve energy, save money and become more environmentally friendly, Cleanfield Energy is doing their part by producing quality products to help these people and companies achieve their goals.

Cleanfield Energy Wind Turbines:

cleanfield energy wind turbineThe main product of the Cleanfield Energy is a vertical axis wind turbine called the V3. This 3kW turbine consists of 12 foot blades rotating around the central axis. It can be mounted on rooftops as well as on poles depending on the location. They are also working on other renewable energy products such as a hybrid solar/wind system for maximum energy efficiency.

You can check out the V3 in action on the Cleanfield Energy video page, as well as the photo page. More videos can be found on the Cleanfield Energy YouTube page.

Technical information on a variety of products pertaining to vertical axis wind turbines including ‘Performance Testing of a Small VAWT,’ ‘Performance Analysis of VAWTs in the Urban Environment, ‘CFD Simulation of Dynamic Thrust and Radial Forces on a VAWT Blade’ and much more can be found on the Cleanfield Energy Technical Information page. The site is promising technical specifications and an installation manual for the Cleanfield 3kW VAWT soon.

Cleanfield Energy have installed their vertical axis wind turbines in Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia. They currently offer an offsite monitoring feature by web connection for preventative maintenance.

There are three main parts to the V3 vertical axis wind turbine. These are the turbine, inverter and generator.

Customized software has practically eliminated all vibration and the low RPMs help in the turbine producing minimal noise and vibration. The turbine also has a sensor board that sends and receives data from the inverter. This helps monitor and protect the operation of the turbine for longer lasting life and decreased maintenance costs.

The generator of the V3 is low speed, permanent magnet generator. The rotor is external. It has an automatic mechanical brake that will engage in case of power loss. It can also be stopped manually to allow for maintenance and service work on the turbine.

The inverter uses a custom algorithm for the permanent magnet generator control. It has sophisticated software that monitors the voltage, current and frequency without having to use external sensors which can be pricy and very unreliable. The control of current means that even in high and gusty winds the turbine speed will stay within its safety range and will not go above 160RPM.

The V3 has blades that are made of reinforced fiberglass, coated with protective gel. Cleanfield Energy has taken advantage of all the newest technology in their production of vertical axis wind turbines and they are considered one of the top manufacturers of renewable energy products.

Cleanfield Energy Contact Information:

Cleanfield Energy

774 Gordon Baker Road
North York, Ontario

Phone (416) 756-4890
Fax (416) 756-4837


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