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A Manitoba-based clean technology company, Global Wind Group designs and sells vertical axis wind turbine technology. Their target is to provide clients dependable, efficient and environment friendly energy at the best possible price. Global Wind Group’s target markets are residential consumers and commercial consumers alike—whether for their product to serve as a backup source of power or as an alternative to reduce energy costs.

Global Wind Group has designed their own array of innovative wind energy products called the ZüS Modular Power System, which are vertical axis wind turbines. These ZüS VAWTs serve as their main product—with different models offered to customers depending on their specific needs.

The different models under their ZüS line are: NaNo ZüS, ZüS Classic, ZüS 3KW, ZüS 5KW and the ZüS MPS.

nano zus

The Nano ZüS is a low cost 300 watt vertical axis wind turbine. This simple unit is designed to supply power to areas unreachable by other technologies. The Nano is an effective solution for charging batteries used for telecommunication infrastructures and isolated residences. As indicated by the name, the Nano ZüS is relatively small, making it the easiest wind turbines to install. It’s most suitable for powering security cameras, lighting, residential power generation and small farms.

The ZüS Classic, ZüS 3KW and ZüS 5KW were the original products to be offered by Global Wind Group to the wind energy market. Their turn-key design is suited to supplying energy where other options, such as diesel generators or extending a grid-connection, have proven to be too expensive. The ZüS Classic models are ideal for remote area applications that require large amounts of energy. The ZüS Classic models are perfect for telecom towers, high rise buildings, and steel mills.

Finally, the ZüS MPS, aka the ZüS Modular Power System, is an all in one package offered by Global Wind Group. The kit consists of a ZüS turbine, pole and batteries. The whole package ensures that the customer gets the best quality with the lowest cost. The ZüS MPS is most ideal for powering up remote cottages and villages, telecom towers, water towers and paper mills.

Global Wind Group has been involved in several projects, such as the installation of vertical axis wind turbines to power up telecommunication infrastructures, such as towers and stations; setting up ZüS MPS to serve as an energy source for remote communities; and finally, installing wind turbines to provide energy to those considered off grid. Due to the high demand, Global Wind Group is currently expanding with more branches in Canada, Central America, South America, Europe and Australia.

Global Wind Group is a company which continues to provide multiple solutions for the energy conscious client. Their turbines are efficient and cost effective. As they continue to grow and expand into other territories, it would not be a surprise to see Global Wind Group become a truly global leader in the vertical axis wind turbine industry.

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Global Wind Group
201 Portage Avenue, 18th Floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 3K6

(204) 926-8881

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