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For a growing list of vertical axis wind turbine manufacturers, click here. Interested in McCamley UK? Their contact information is at the bottom of this page.

McCamley UK is a manufacturer and installer of vertical axis wind turbines based in Keele, Staffordshire in England.

They have installed a MT01 MK2 in Bulgaria and the MT01 MK3 at Keele University in Staffordshire. The company already has its sights set on bigger projects, however, as they continue to work on their first commercial project- the MT12. The MT12 is a 12kW Urban Renewable Power (URP) turbine and is set to be unveiled in 2013.

McCamley has been working on the turbine for over 30 years but it was only over the last three years that the long-awaited technological dream of Dr. Anthony Mewburn-Crook finally came to life.

The blades of the turbine rotate within a stator. This makes the McCamley VAWT a low-speed high-torque turbine that’s capable of withstanding gusting wind from any direction. The stable multi-leg design helps distribute wind loading and ensures a high degree of structural redundancy. This unique design has the McCamley engineers boasting of the highest cp ratings in the industry. This is one efficient turbine!

You can see several videos on the McCamley video gallery page showing the MT01 MK2 and the MT01 MK3 in action.

The MT01 MK2 turbine is the main test machine and new developments are continuously being investigated, tested and added for improvement to the existing design. This turbine is located atop a tower block in Lyaskovets, Bulgaria. The video shows the MK2 in slow wind (3-5 m/s) showing that it doesn’t require high winds to operate and generate electricity.

The MT01 MK3 turbine was installed at Keele University and was installed in the car park of the Sustainability Hub. There is even a visitor’s center and it is open for public viewing. There is also a video of it being tested at the McCamley Turbine Test Centre before it was moved to Keele University.

A journalist describes his visit to see the installed MK3 turbine at Keele University on this website. Noting the significant lack of noise coming from the operating turbine, the journalist goes on to interview Andrew McCamley about the technical details of the VAWTs. A very informative interview, well worth reading!

mccamley wind turbine

The MT01 MK4 is the last MT01 turbine that McCamley will be testing and it is to be installed on a rooftop in London sometime around October 2013.

Also planning to make its appearance in 2013 is the commercial turbine, the MT12, a 12kW turbine that can push out much more energy than the MT01 turbines.

After the MK3 was installed at Keele University, Dr Scott Elliott, CEO of McCamley UK Ltd, had this to say: “We’re pleased to be bringing our prototype to the UK for the first time. Wind energy has huge potential in the UK, but the traditional wind farm models are just not effective and are certainly not suitable for urban environments. This leaves a huge gap in the market where businesses, residential blocks and other organizations could be benefiting from clean energy. We believe that this design has the potential to be the new face of wind energy and is completely scalable, from 12kW designs to larger megawatt designs.

“Our location at Keele University Business and SciencePark has led to a real partnership where we’ve been able to utilize academic interest in the area to turn our expertise into commercial reality. We are really looking forward to working towards our micro generation certification over the coming months and realizing the potential of the prototype.”

mccamley uk

McCamley UK Contact Information

McCamley UK
IC2, Keele University Science & Business Park
Keele, Staffordshire, ST5 5NH
+44 1782 409710

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