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Quiet Revolution is an innovative green energy company specializing in manufacturing and installing vertical axis wind turbines. Founded and based in London, Quiet Revolution targets to accommodate the country’s growing needs in green energy as part of the country’s movement to sustain the environment.

quiet revolution QR 5

QR 5 installed in Leyland, UK.

Quiet Revolution’s main product is the QR5, a vertical axis wind turbine with a helical design that is most similar to the Gorlov helical turbine. With a size of about 5 m tall and 3.1 m in diameter, the QR5 is famous for being one of the easiest and most convenient wind turbines to transport and install—definitely ideal for the most remote and narrow places.

Despite its relatively small size, the QR5 boasts of being able to generate as much as 8.5kW aerodynamic, 7.0kW DC and 6.5kW grid energy from winds at 16m/s, making it highly efficient and reliable. It is also very durable as the QR5 has been certified to last for up to 25 years, with just annual inspections recommended for maintenance.

Quiet Revolution has stepped it up a notch by ensuring that their QR5 has one of the highest quality ratings available. By having their QR5 achieve an MCS certification—following a series of rigorous testing to verify safety and function, power performance, acoustics, durability, and design calculation review—the QR5 can definitely be considered as one of the best available wind turbines on the market.

The main goal of Quiet Revolution is to play a leading global role in the local energy revolution. They promote wind turbines as an effective solution against climate change and as an answer to the growing demand for renewable energy. They have been actively involved in green projects such as the installation of wind turbines in King’s College Wimbledon, King’s Dock Arena, Sainsbury’s eco supermarket, and the 2012 Olympic Park.

Their involvement in so many green projects has led to the company’s commercial success, leading them to win a variety of notable awards in the industry. Quiet Revolution has won awards such as: 4th in the GP Bullhound Cleantech Connect Awards, the D&AD Product Design Award, the Rushlight Wind Power Award, the Business 2.0 ‘Bottom Line Design’ award, and Building Magazine’s Sustainability Innovation Award; making them a highly competitive and truly remarkable renewable energy company in the industry.

In addition to awards and recognition, Quiet Revolution has also garnered support from various institutions such as: the Welsh Assembly Government, who helped fund their 25,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Pembroke Dock, South Wales; DTI, who granted funds to help complete initial feasibility studies and the development of the prototype for their new 6kW model; the University of Cambridge, where Quiet Revolution has carried out initial wind tunnel testing; and so much more.

Quiet Revolution is truly a remarkable environmental company playing a leading role in the green energy revolution. By providing renewable, environment friendly energy to various consumers, they have attracted the attention of various institutions in the United Kingdom. Given this positive outlook, it will not be surprising if someday Quiet Revolution becomes a worldwide established company—providing quality and efficient vertical axis wind turbines to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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Quiet Revolution
23 B&C Berghem Mews,
Blythe Road, London W14 0HN

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