Ropatec definitely did their homework when they created their turbines. Not only have they created innovative wind turbines, but their clients have been able to advertise on them as well. The next time you drive by a McDonalds, look at the sign. You might see a wind turbine with the McDonalds logo on it. Brilliant!

Ropatec started their business in the Alps with the intention to produce reliable wind turbine products. What better place to test out the durability of a product, right?

The company was established in 2001, but they began doing research and testing as early as 1996. Their main focus was to us a high output of renewable energy with a low impact technology allowing a flexible technology. Ropatec is now doing business in over 30 countries.

Easy Vertical – Small off-grid installations

  • Nominal power: 1.000W
  • Diameter and height: 1,8m x 1,15m
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Cut-in: 3m/s

The Easy Vertical is a small wind turbine for off-grid installs but comes with high quality. The “Easy” is a simple set up with choices of programming the voltage between 12V – 48V. Not only does the “Easy” give you options when combined with heating controller it can also can support water heating systems. Sounds like an “EASY” choice to make!

Simply Vertical

  • Nominal power: 3.000W
  • Diameter and height: 3,3m x 2m
  • Weight: 450 kg
  • Cut-in: 3m/s

This is another easy option to choose from if you are looking to install quickly. The “Simply” Vertical option is an off-grid installation offering modular solutions in digital battery charging. Connecting to different electronic controllers is another option with the Simply Vertical choice. Ropatec makes it a “Simple” choice.

Ropatec Maxi Vertical

  • Nominal power: 6.000W
  • Diameter and height: 4,7m x 2,5m
  • Weight: 760 kg
  • Cut-in: 3m/s

The “Maxi” Vertical is a flexible option for various energy applications. What makes this option different than the others is that it has the capability to connect with a certified on-grid inverter and can feed directly into a local power grid. In the case where digital chargers are being used in parallel with a Ropatec’s hybrid charger, streaming of wind/solar photovoltaic energy and other energy sources are a possibility. If you are looking to “MAXIMIZE” then this is the right choice.

Ropatec Big Star Vertical

  • Nominal power: 20 KVA
  • Diameter and height: 8m x 4,3m
  • Weight: 3600 kg
  • Cut-in: 3m/s

Ropatec’s high performance turbine was designed with years of research and development. Designed with efficiency and cost efficiency in mind, the “Big Star” was built. This high performing turbine was developed with a certified on-grid inverter connecting the turbines to a three-phased grid. The artistic design set Ropatec apart from other manufacturers when the “Big Star” was created. The right choice marked with a “Big Star” for durability and cost reduction.

Ropatec has a new form of publicity called “Publienergy.” They are moving in the right direction with the right focus.

Ropatec Contact Information


Via Zuegg 38/40
39100 Bolzano Italy
Telephone#: 39 047 052010

Installation Information

IGS Spain
Edificio Buvisa Voramar ·
Agricultura 16, 18 ·
planta 1 · local 4
08320 · El Masnou (Barcelona)
Telephone#: 34 935 409 409  Mobile 34 607 772 030 



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