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Urban Green Energy, more commonly known as UGE, has been specializing in manufacturing vertical axis wind turbines since 2007. Founded in New York, the company has expanded from just one branch into about nearly a hundred, providing green energy solutions to residential, commercial and telecommunication consumers throughout the world.

Urban Green Energy’s wind turbines are known for having a helical Darrieus design with a dual axis, which allows the turbines to take wind from all directions simultaneously. This design allows the turbines to exhibit efficient performance with durability and low noise levels.

In addition to the vertical axis wind turbines, each of the green energy systems purchased from Urban Green Energy comes with a monitoring program called viewUGE, which permits the consumers to monitor their monthly energy production and consumption from anywhere around the world.

Urban Green Energy VAWTFor residential consumers, the goal of Urban Green Energy is to reduce the cost of monthly electricity bills and to lessen their impact on global warming. Purchasing a vertical axis wind turbine can give consumers the freedom to live off the grid, and potentially retire in a secluded place, free from pollution and noise.

For commercial consumers, the goal of Urban Green Energy is to provide customized energy solutions fit for the size of their industry. For each of their clients, Urban Green Energy designs solutions that would match their specific energy needs. Business consumers not only want to save on their monthly electricity bills, but to also do it in a way that will make their stakeholders happy. This means a UGE turbine must have an excellent return on investment!

Finally, for telecommunication consumers, the goal of Urban Green Energy is to permit telecommunication companies to install satellites and stations anywhere throughout the world without the need of costly connecting to an electricity grid. The solutions they provide allow the companies to install infrastructure in remote areas with the same reliability of the usual electricity, but with lower costs.

In early 2013, UGE Telecoms Manager David Droz, released a short statement regarding trends in the telecom industry, predicting an “increased uptake in renewables, especially in combination with more robust wind systems.”

Urban Green Energy Turbine Installations:

Rim of the World high school in California has installed four UGE vertical axis wind turbines. 

4kW turbine rotating in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Urban Green Energy has been involved in various wind turbine energy projects throughout the world. Two significant projects are the separate lighting solutions they came up with for a beach in New Jersey and a port in Korea. In the projects, the company installed outdoor lights powered by vertical axis wind turbines, providing cost efficient solutions in areas not usually accessible by commercial power.

UGE wind turbine on Stena ferryAnother astounding project Urban Green Energy got involved in was the installation of vertical axis wind turbines above the bow of a Stena Line Ferry in Sweden, in part of Stena Line’s environmental efforts. The installation was the first of its kind, making Urban Green Energy the very first company to ever install vertical axis wind turbines on a passenger ferry. The project was calculated to have permitted the ferry to save up to 90 tons of fuel each year, equivalent to the amount of energy required to heat up to 28 homes per year, allowing Stena Line to minimize their environmental impact while saving on energy costs.

Urban Green Energy is a growing alternative energy company—providing efficient and cost effective energy solutions to both residential and commercial consumers alike. Whatever your energy needs are, Urban Green Energy is capable of designing and delivering the right solution for you. Their vertical axis wind turbines are guaranteed to deliver energy efficiently and in a cost effective and environment friendly manner.

Urban Green Energy

Urban Green Energy Contact Information:

Urban Green Energy
330 W 38th Street, Suite 1103
New York, NY 10018
Phone: +1 917 720 5685
Fax: +1 917 536 9957



Click here for a growing list of vertical axis wind turbine manufacturers. 




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