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Venger Wind is a large vertical axis wind turbine manufacturer based in Henderson,Nevada, that produces wind power solutions for many large companies and other clients around the world. The vertical axis wind turbines the company produces are usually installed on rooftops, cell towers and monopoles. The company has a variety of products to help meet their client’s needs.

Venger Wind vertical wind turbines have a unique look. The styling of the large, white wind turbines are more reminiscent of an art installation, then an energy producing mechanical device. A Venger VAWT in motion is definitely a sight to behold!

The company has been involved in a variety of projects, but their largest so far has been the installation of 18 V2 vertical axis wind turbines atop the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation building resulting in what is currently the largest rooftop wind farm in the US. The OMRF project is designed to cut carbon emissions by approximately 2 million pounds annually.

Venger Wind Turbines

There are several wind turbines manufactured by Venger Wind and they all have these qualities:

  • Efficient, quiet and vibration free.
  • Built of strong, aircraft aluminum airfoil- can withstand intense wind and freak weather events.
  • Less than 5 decibels above ambient sound levels.
  • Bird and bat friendly.
  • Has manual override for maintenance
  • Lightning protection
  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty


The V1 2 kW vertical axis wind turbine is the smallest wind turbine that Venger Wind produces but it still has good output and is perfect for rooftop installations.


  • Type :   Helical Savonius VAWT
  • Peak Power : 2.0kW
  • Area Size : 3.4 square meters (36’6″)
  • Height : 3.6m (11’9″)
  • Weight : 639 lbs.
  • Start up Speed :  1.5m/s – 5.4 km/h


The V2 4.5 kW vertical axis wind turbine is a step up from the V1. This is the type of turbine that was installed atop the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation building.


  • Type :   Helical Savonius VAWT
  • Peak Power: 4.5kW
  • Area Size: 6.20 square meters (66.7 Square Feet)
  • Height : 5.7 meters (18’8″)
  • Weight : 665kg (1,466 lbs.)
  • Start up Speed : 1.5m/s – 5.4 km/h

The V2 Turbo 4.5 kW vertical axis wind turbine is a little larger than the standard V2.


  • Type :   Helical Savonius VAWT
  • Area Size : 6.20 square meters
  • Height : 5.7 meters
  • Weight : 800 kg
  • Start up Speed : 1.5m/s – 5.4 km/h
  • Peak Power : 4.5kW peak power


The V300 micro turbine vertical axis wind turbine is the perfect turbine for battery charging, yachts, remote homes, communication towers, mobile power applications or running appliances


  • Type :   Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) Darrieus Design
  • Max. Power :   300 W
  • Rated wind speed :  14 m/s
  • Area Size :   1.0 m2
  • Weight without pole :    apx. 52 kgs


The Turbine Installation Process

The first action Venger Wind techs take is to assess the wind regime in the regional, local and immediate area around the existing building or location of where the new building will be built. They conduct tests to understand how local air flows around and over the buildings through a combination of computational fluid dynamics modeling and measurements, which are conducted with anemometers and wind roses. Next, the noise and structural implications are considered along with a full range of turbulence and wind shear calculations.


venger wind

Venger Wind Contact Information

209 South Stephanie Street
Henderson, NV 89012
United States
Phone: 702-900-6779
Fax: 123-456-7890


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