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A wind turbine in a street light?  A piece of artwork on a company building? No one would have guessed they were actually wind turbines producing electricity.

windside vawt

The Pearl River Tower in China has definitely “gone green” with this building.  The building has solar panels, under floor ventilation; wind tunnels….you name it.  The four wind tunnels have a 5 meter high Windside wind turbine in each tunnel creating approximately 5% of the building’s total energy. It can even withstand an earthquake due to the special structural solution Windside created.

Windside has been in business for over 30 years.  Their turbine products improve year after year due to their strong commitment to product development and quality assurance.  They understand there are different needs for different climates all over the world.  Their designs are for both off-grid and on-grid solutions.

In the beginning, Windside was primarily focusing on creating turbines to generate battery banks of 12, 24 or 48 V for supply of power to signal lights and other systems in remote areas. Since then they have expanded their market into an eye-catching double helix structure that not only produces power, but adds a little bit of beauty with it too.

Windside has created turbines that are efficient, soundless, safe, reliable, and low maintenance.

All gusts of wind can produce energy and Windside VAWTs don’t have to depend on critical positioning of the turbine.  Why, you ask?  The Windside turbine is able to utilize minimal speeds of wind (2 -3 m/s) and still produce an energy minimum of 50% more than the traditional turbine.

Many turbines cannot be placed in urban areas due to the noise of the turbine and Windside has created a soundless turbine to eliminate this problem.

windside turbines in Antarctica

Windside turbines in Antarctica

All seasonal weather conditions do not have an impact on the performance of the turbine and the cost to maintain a turbine is minimal.  The average lifespan of the bearings on a turbine (as long as they are maintained as instructed) is 10 years or more.

The WS-0, 30 Range is the most common choice because it can be used for multiple purposes.  This option provides electricity for smaller electronics equipment and at the same time can be used for street lighting.  There is also the WS-0, 15 which is also used for small electrical equipment.  The difference between the two is the WS-0, 15 is used in areas where there are various weather conditions.

The WS-2 Range is an option for just about anyone because it can be used anywhere.  This option is for low wind speeds.

The WS-4 Range is popular for those wanting to take advantage of the turbine electricity and turning it into a piece of artwork.  In Arabianranta, Helsinki, their environmental artwork displayed on the outside of their building is a replica image of the wind turbine on top of the building’s roof.

The final turbine offering is the WS-12 which is a customized option.

Windside wind turbines are now in over 40 countries producing power, even in the Gulf of Mexico!

Here is a link to a live video of the Windside turbines at the University of Vaasa, Finland.


Windside Energy Contact Information

Windside –

Office and mailing address:
Oy Windside Production Ltd
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Tel. 358-208-350 700
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