Much of the news about exciting developments in the world of wind energy comes from either the United States, Europe, or Asia. But even though these areas tend to hog the spotlight, wind energy remains just as useful all across the world.

Image credit Penn Energy

A Wind Farm in Uruguay

Earlier this week, the Suzlon Group successfully secured a contract for the first wind farm in Uruguay, a country located in South America. The project should prove 65 MW of power, and is expected to be completed by late 2014.

South America is a particularly great location for the implementation of wind energy, since it has large amounts of the resource. Uruguay’s landscape is composed of wide plains and rolling hills – the perfect area to place a wind farm.

Urugay is a first world country, but other parts of the continent aren’t nearly so developed. If this wind farm takes off, there’s a good chance that surrounding nations will follow suit, and start providing clean energy to their citizens.

In countries that don’t have a lot of oil or other sources that are generally used for energy, a wind farm can be a great way to speed up development and provide power to as many people as possible. In some cases, it’s actually easier to implement the use of wind energy if there isn’t an already existing system.

While the farm that the Suzlon Group isn’t big – it will only have around 30 turbines – it’s still an important step. The more wind farms there are, the easier it will be for wind energy to be accepted and used across the world.


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